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Is anyone still here?? HELLO!! Well if you are I gots a question.

Do you think it’s fair to for you to get presents on Jesus’ birthday??
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yes! we are allowed to be selfis and screw jesus over on his birthday
I totally agree.
thinking about it, I didn't get presents on his b-day, I got all my presents weeks ago :)
IF god IS just and loving why would he allow that to have happend to his son? im so against religion its not even funny
I'm not really against religion... but I refuse to believe in god until someone answers my question...if god created everything, where the hell did god come from!?
good question good question! lets ask a child molesting priest
i really dont give a crap any more....
anytime it's me getting shit, I don't care if it's fair or not...screw that guy. If he wasn't all dead and shit he'd get something too, but nooo...he had to go to heaven and shit <^> now gimme my presents bastards! ha...I'm not really that, yeah I am.