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hello hello

heeeeyyyyyy! how are you all doin?

NAME: Stephanie
AGE: 17
SEX: female
LOCATION: Sydney, Australia
SINGLE OR TAKEN: the process of becoming single
SEXUAL PREFERENCE: i like the boys
BODY MODS: if mods is what i look like and stuff, im the height most 17yr old girls are, i have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, i wear dark red lip stick almost all the time lol..cause when i was 14, my mum said i look dead without it..thanks mum!..
PETS: a dog, and i get a new fish about once every 2 months cause they die... :(


MOVIES: bang bang youre dead, detroit rock city, ferris beuller's day off, zoolander, napolean dynamite, and many, many, many more..
BANDS/SINGERS: blink 182, the cure, jeff buckley, john butler trio, rolling stones, brand new, boxcar racer, etc..
TV SHOWS: The Awful Truth, Alias, My So-called Life..
CARTOONS: Family Guy, Daria, Bevis and Butthead,
NOVELS: "Raw"--Scott Monk
WRITERS: Virginia Andrews
ARTIST: George Gittoes
FOOD: woodfire pizza :-D
COLOR: i like black but its not really a colour.. whatev
WORD: fukbluah

(Yes or no will not do)

DRUGS?: i'm fine with pot..thats natural.. dont really have an opinion on the rest of it.. if people wanna do it, its up to them, im not judging.

HEAVEN AND HELL?: hmm i reckon there's karma, and if you've fkd a lotta people up in your life, you wont have as good an "afterlife" or whatever as those who are good and stuff.. i suppose what i believe is that if you believe there is a heaven, you will go to a heaven sorta place... and if i go through my life thinking that when i die, i'll be hanging out with john lennon and joan of arc, then i will be, y'know?

THE KENNEDY CONSPIRACY?: hmmm not really all that knowledegable on american stuff... all i know is the poor guy was shot, and there's a big question mark with who and stuff... maybe thats wrong, i dunno!

RAPE?: is pretty fkd up..
if you wanna know anything else, check out my bio... take care!
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